Welcome Address: Dare to be Different.

April 7, 2021

6:00 pm


April 7, 2021 6:00 PM
In Collaboration with:
Beyond the Bindi
Exploring and rejuvenating our unique position in the discourse around Femininity and Womanhood. Introduction by Vidhu Sharma, Beyond-the-Bindi co-editor and festival coordinator.
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Dare to be Different

The theme of the Hindu Women's Festival 2021 is 'Dare to be Different'. The world is largely governed by a dominant set of values. Unwittingly, indigenous cultures - such as the Hindu one - have assimilitated to 'already given' frameworks as if they are universal. The domain of 'Femininity and Womanhood' is one that we need to have a bigger conversation around.

The integral thoughts and value systems of the Hindu philosophy are recognised through its adaptive, diverse, resilient nature. We are a people who have endured so much, and yet, our cultural basis - Dharma - remains intact in our hearts. Though we ourselves - as individuals, a community, a civilisation - still face the same internal issues as every other community, our inspiration and intuitive understanding of Dharma sets us apart. And for this, we must dare to be different and explain our journey in the discourse around Feminism and Womanhood.

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