Akshaya Rajangam

Vice President, National Hindu Students' Forum UK

Day 4 Sat
3:00 pm

Discussion: Exploring the Feminine in Indian Classical Dance

A journey through how feminine energy is channelled through Dance.
Day 2 Thur
8:00 pm

Discussion: Women, Identity and Dance

A journey through how our identities are connected with Dance

Akshaya is a junior doctor working in Leicestershire and regularly practices Indian classical dance of Bharat Natyam. Having held numerous positions in student leadership, she is currently the vice-president of NAtional Hindu Students Forum (UK) - the largest Hindu Students organisation outside of India.

Favourite Quote:

Have no fear of perfection -- you'll never reach it.

Akshaya fuses her passion for dance with her ferocious curiosity in unravelling the mysteries of life, society and culture. In her upcoming seminal work, she explores the many facets of Dance and relates it back to the meaning of life itself. Her range of intereviews with artists will be a highlight of this year's festival

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