Devika Jina

Author and Environmentalist

Day 4 Sat
4:00 pm

Discussion: Attitudes towards Sex and Sexuality

Exploring the mistranslation of the Kama Sutra and misconceptions around how Hindu culture approaches conversations about sex and sexuality

Devika Jina has loved writing since she was a child, when she attempted a spin off of The NeverEnding Story. Today, she continues to write, having penned two titles in the "Extraordinary Lives" series. Besides this, she writes on race, gender and culture in modern Britain from a British Indian woman's perspective. On top of this, she

Favourite Quote

Have no fear of perfection -- you'll never reach it.

Devika explores the contentious and often taboo topic of Sex and Sexuality in a conversation that will spur her to write in the upcoming Beyond the Bindi anthology. By going through the history of the Kamasutra and how colonial attitutides have skewed the indegenous Hindu perspectives around this area, she brings a unique flavour to the discussion.

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