Jazz Kaur-Sharma

Author, Management Consultant

Day 4 Sat
2:00 pm

Discussion: Women, Traditions and India

A session explores the complex and nuanced intersection of being an Indian woman and navigating our relationship with traditions.

By day, Jazz is a management consultant in retail, by night, an avid reader, dancer, hip hop enthusiast and lover of all things fashion and design. Her love for Shakespeare, Margaret Atwood and Oscar Wilde, as well as Nas, Jay Z and Tupac has influenced her passion for words and storytelling. Against the backdrop of her culture and heritage, she hopes to tell the nuanced, unique and underrepresented stories and perspectives of British Indian women like herself.

Favourite Quote

Have no fear of perfection -- you'll never reach it.

Jazz discussed her seminal piece around Women, Tradition and India, doucmentaing the unique journey faced by Indian women - often superimposed and camoglouged by the struggle of women from the West.

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