Manu Khajuria

Writer and Founder, Voice of Dogras

Day 4 Sat
1:00 pm

Panel: The Role of Men

This interactive session will explore the role that men can play in the upliftment of women, and how we can educate the next generation in understanding critical gender issues.
Day 2 Thur
1:00 pm

Discussion: Mountain Goddesses - Redefining the Primitive

Exploring the stereotypical definitions of 'Primitive' through the exploration of goddesses.

Manu Khajuria is a freelance writer/ storyteller, activist from Jammu Kashmir. She is Founder Director of Voice of Dogras, a community organization which aims to preserve and promote Jammu Region’s unique history and cultural identity. She is also the General Secretary of Friends of India Society International UK. She was awarded the prestigious Maharaja Gulab Singh Memorial Annual Award 2019 for her outstanding contribution in the promotion of Dogra culture, history and legacy. She was felicitated by the Government of India’s Ministry of Women & Child Development, Twitter India & Breakthrough India with Web Wonder Women award in 2019.

Favourite Quote:

"There is no single story" - Chimamanda

Manu is is keen to explore Dharmic ideas around womanhood, where feminine qualities are celebrated and seen as strength. Her interests lie in exploring how ancient knowledge systems were highly evolved & both Dharmic traditions and history are full of examples of powerful women in different roles.

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