Pruthvi Mayur Trivedi

Digital Marketing Manager and Artist

Day 4 Sat
6:00 pm

Discussion: Art and the Feminine

Exploring how the arts have had an impact on our psyche how depictions of the feminine have formulated our perceptions.

Pruthvi has been connected to Art since a very young age and completed her degree in Architecture. She uses design and creativity in her brand and marketing profession. Over a decade ago, she started creating hand-painted commissions and after participating in a Beyond the Bindi writing initiative launched Art_By_Pruthvi in 2020 furthering hand painted commissions, digital artworks and exploring her passions of World Art history and Femininity as a British Hindu Woman.

Favourite Quote:

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn in the light. - Albus Dumbledore

Pruthvi's interests lie in 'Femininity and Art', working with young girls and women on character building and leadership, learning about historical Hindu women role models. Her journey through the Arts has lead her to explore the intersection of aesthetics, values and roles of women through history

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