Shivani Pala

Marketing Intelligence Director, El Advisory

Day 5 Sun
12:00 pm

Discussion: Ṛtu Viḍyā and Menstruation

Unearthing Ancient Sciences behind Menstrual Practices with author Sinu Joseph
Day 4 Sat
11:00 am

Discussion: Breaking the Cycle: It Bloody Matters

A conversation journeying the transition from scepticism to amazement around the ancient sciences around menstrual practices.

Shivani is Director of Market Intelligence, heading up a team of analysts that support corporates in their Go-to-Market strategy. By night, a mumma, avid cook, lover of books and music, and elephants. At the whim of poor menstrual and reproductive health, for the best part of a lifetime, or was I?

Favourite Quote:

"There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of woman is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing.” - Swami Vivekanada

Her interests lie in exploring the role of women in raising better men/the role of women in empowering other women/debunking myths around the oppression of women by Dharmic cultures

Her session "Breaking the Cycle: It Bloody Matters" decodes Hindu Practices around menstrual health. It gives an insight into an earnest inquiry for answers around some of the Hindu Practices around menstrual health which modern society and western culture often dismiss as 'backwards'. Her quest and research has taken her on a journey from being a woman who vehemently and vocally denigrated these practices to one who has a deep rooted respect for the ancient Indic sciences expounded by our scriptures that served the best interests of women and highlighted the reverence that was given to the menstruating woman.

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