Simran Solanki


Day 4 Sat
12:00 pm

Discussion: Why Does She? A Conversation across Generations

Simran Solanki, a british-born teenager asks pertinent questions to elder Vidhula Ambekar.

A very energetic teenager who will embark on her journey to start GCSEs this year, taking great pride in her education. She's interested in technology, creativity, and sleeping! Simran has been participating and contributing to Hindu cultural activities from a young age with HSS (UK). Recently founded an initiative called GenHindu, keeping young children connected throughout lockdown, teaching Hinduism and the depths of the culture through weekly online classes.

Teenagers are the most misunderstood people on earth. We are treated like children and expected to behave like adults.     ~ Unknown

The most important thing a girl wears is her confidence.     ~ Chris Freytag

Why does she...? Simran is in conversation exploring differences in younger and elder perspectives of how a woman's role has changed over the years

This session covers major aspects of life like childhood, marriage, children, grandchildren as Vidula ji explains the challenges and hardships from her experience. How Sewa and Hindu values has impacted parts of her life, giving valuable pieces of advice for the younger generations.

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