Sumit Sharma

Senior Solutions Architect and Public Speaker, The VM Podcast

Day 4 Sat
5:00 pm

Discussion: The Meaning of Marriage

Newly-wed Puja prepares groom-to-be Sumit for marriage by guiding him through Hindu wedding rituals and their significance

Born and raised in West London, Sumit Sharma is an accomplished Public Speaker, Technologist and mentor to many. His work has seen him travel the world to present, coach and engage in dialogue with students, professionals and volunteers. Working alongside national charities, international student organisations and global companies, Sumit regularly chairs panel discussions, thought leadership exercises and workshops nationally. Sumit also looks after a portfolio of projects that call for social change, sustainability and the development of plurality and cohesion. Whilst maintaining a successful career in the Information Technology Sector, Sumit likes to practise kickboxing, road cycling and meditation. He leads the Vaani Speaker's Academy and is the host on the VM Podcast.

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