Tejal Pankhania

Dentist, Yoga Practicioner

Day 4 Sat
9:00 am

Masterclass: Guided Yoga Session

Guided Yoga session by Shivali Shukla
Day 3 Fri
8:00 pm

Discussion: The Life of a Visionary

In conversation with Reena Vekaria on her journey to explore the life of this great visionary female leader of India.

Tejal is a dentist by profession and a sitarist, yogi and runner by passion. She graduated from the Tattva Authorship programme in 2018 and have been on the team since, with a special interest in exploring cultural misappropriation of yoga in the 21st century.

Favourite Quote:

‘If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.’ - William Arthur Ward

She interested in women in healthcare, women in yoga, and women's empowerment in ancient India. In the session, she explore the life and achievements of Mausiji and the attributes of empowering successful woman, regardless of the struggles she faced.

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