Dr Tina Mistry

Clinical Psychologist

Day 5 Sun
3:00 pm

Discussion: Perceptions of Parenthood

We can take for granted how having a mother in our life is of so much value. This heartfelt session discusses the experiences of motherlessness.

Dr Tina Mistry is Clinical Psychologist working in private practice, who has a specialist interest in working with the South Asian community. She is a mother of two daughters, who also has a passion for understanding Maternal Mental Health issues within the South Asian community. She wants to help clients break cycles of intergenerational trauma by equipping them to understand the processes of attachment and relationships, whilst also addressing systems of oppression such as patriarchy and racism. Tina is active on social media, sharing her insights @brownpsychologist. She is a speaker and podcast host for Brownology – a podcast to deconstruct mental health in the South Asian community.

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