Vipasha Surange

Communications Intern at Apolitical, Youth for Sewa Intern

Day 1 - Wed 7th Apr
7:00 pm

Discussion: Empowerment across Cultures

Exploring the different lenses and biases through which we 'see' empowerment across civilisations, cultures and geographies.

Vipasha graduated from King's College London, gaining BA in International Relations and MSc in International Development. Currently, she works at a govtech company called Apolitical, in the capacity of a Campaigns and Communications Intern. She's been actively involved in NHSF (UK) for the past three years, with the current responsibility of joint 30th Anniversary Coordinator.

Vipasha has a particular interest in expressions of 'empowerment', specifically empowered women - how the definition and perception of this changes according to region, culture and lens.

Her session will be an exploration of my inquiry into 'empowerment' and how this term, in modern use, has specific connotations and undertones which exclude non-Western women. I will touch upon my experiences during my YFS internship where I spend two months working with women and girls from slum communities in Pune, India.

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